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Marketing for the 21st Century

A lot has changed in the marketing industry since the phrase “SEO” was first coined. Marketing for the 21st Century has gotten infinitely more complex. The meaning of SEO has evolved. Websites have become more sophisticated, and search engines have improved their algorithms giving a better user experience.

Towne Lake SEO provides SEO services for small businesses. We only focuse on one thing, getting our customer’s sites in front of people who are actively searching for their services.

How Would Your Customers View You If All Your Competitors Were Crooks?

Unfortunately, several so-called SEO agencies sell their services but don’t provide quality SEO Services. Worse yet, they are not marketing for the 21st century doing damage to your website’s reputation. In some instances, this damage takes an extended period of time to overcome.

Other companies offer what Google identifies as a scam, creating a shadow domain. The shadow domain is owned by the agency and used to funnel traffic to your site. As Google points out, if at some point in time the relationship sours, the SEO agency may point the domain to a competitor’s site. The whole time you ended up paying to increase the strength of that agency’s website.

Towne Lake SEO educates clients about small business SEO services and best practices.

At Towne Lake SEO, we understand that your small business has worked hard to get to where it is.

That’s why our team prioritizes building trust with all of our clients. While you will hire us to be the experts in our field, we want you to understand our SEO process and feel comfortable asking questions.

Our clients love working with us because:

No Long Term Contracts

1. No Monthly contracts

We are the best in our field. We provide comprehensive solutions for your small business SEO service needs. As experts at providing high-quality results for organic search, we want a client to stay with us because the campaigns are successful, not out of a contractual obligation!

Weekly Progress meetings throughout the first month

2. Weekly (1st month) progress checkups.

Working with us is an investment, an investment we take this seriously. To ensure we meet your goals, we will have weekly calls during the first month. They are designed to ensure a smooth campaign experience from beginning to end. Allowing for clear communication about expectations.

3. Monthly progress checkups and message reviews

The first 3-5 months can feel like not much is going, and generally, many questions start to surface. As a partner with Towne Lake SEO, you will receive personalized attention as we help answer any question or concern that may come up. To add value to your company in the long run, we provide small bit-sized education nuggets on search optimization topics, so you never have more than 5 minutes’ worth of knowledge at one time but are constantly being educated about new technology tools and evolving trends in digital marketing.

4. Transparent and honesty.

What we’re targeting this month is a little different than what you might expect. We’ve been on the cutting edge of search optimization and design, so with Google’s latest algorithm update- who knows? Sometimes we think of Google as a good friend, and other times it’s more like an evil nemesis. Every month we brainstorm new ways to catch the elusive and unpredictable Google in its tracks. These strategies have been tested over time, but it’s always a challenge!

Towne Lake SEO Only offers SEO for Small Businesses!

You don’t need to be a large entity with lots of money to get the best SEO. Towne Lake SEO only offers the highest quality SEO for small businesses in North Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas!

Our service is perfect for any size company who wants their website at the top of the search results pages for Google or Bing.

By focusing on this one service, we can provide unparalleled results. Towne Lake SEO is confident in the ability to help increase your HVAC service-based web page where it needs to be, at the top of page one. We have the tools and knowledge to ensure you are seen by all potential customers and have increased conversions for 13 SEER AC Installation services that need a boost!

Towne Lake SEO SEO Mind Maps

Offering a small business SEO services is extremely rewarding.

The Towne Lake SEO team is here to provide you with a higher level of service! We specialize in serving home service organizations, which means we can offer all the services SEO for small business needs. This includes keyword research and analysis, content planning, and backlinking strategies for Google ranking. You’ll also get competitor analytics so that you’re always one step ahead of them – finally getting your brand on top where it belongs: at the number-one spot! Towne Lake’s experts have been doing this for years – providing high-quality results time after time again because we know how to find your target audience.

What is SEO? SEO is being explained with a diagram of the various aspects of it.

What is SEO?

SEO is one of the most talked-about and least understood marketing techniques.

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO for small businesses is the process to optimize a small business’s website for search engines link Bing, Yahoo!, Alexa, DuckDuckGo, and Google. When your site starts showing at the top of the first page, calls from organic traffic will start coming in from your target audience.

Towne Lake SEO helps small to medium-sized organizations get their services in front of actively looking for those same products and/or services. We work with clients to make sure they rank number one on Google searches.

How Does SEO Work?

Small business search engine optimization is a matter of understanding the difference in search engines, their goals, and how to optimize websites with this information. If you know that Bing’s focus is on providing quality results for searches while Google uses more complex algorithms to rank pages based on relevance as well as other factors like backlinks or social media shares, then it becomes much easier for your content provider team to outrank competitors by tailoring certain aspects of SEO strategy towards each company.

Understanding which type of customer you’re targeting will help determine how to optimize a site to turn those web crawlers into loyal customers who trust your small business SEO enough to make purchases from them time and again!


How Long Does It Take to Start Seeing Results From an SEO Campaign?

When it comes to website optimization, you have many factors to consider. It is hard to predict when a site will see results from an SEO campaign- some key factors to consider are:

1) What is your target keyword?

2) How well does your website already rank for these search queries?

3) What is the difficulty of targeted keywords?

4) What is your current backlink profile? Are they quality links?

The more targeted keywords there are, the harder they’ll be to rank; however, if one of them is very popular (and not too competitive), even going after one could yield great success!

The keyword you choose can make or break your page ranking on search engines. The targeted keywords should be specific to rank higher and get more traffic for the website. Once a campaign is set up with longtail keywords, it will take some time before they start gaining momentum; but if done correctly, this process could lead to better rankings than choosing shorter words!

It’s safe to say that most of our clients start seeing an increased number of calls coming in after about 6 months. For brand new websites, the process is a bit longer. Once the web design is complete and content has been added as part of their content marketing strategy, we begin setting up SEO for them- which can take anywhere from 9-12 months on average before seeing search results!

Why Towne Lake SEO only offers Search Engine Optimization?

Discovering how only offering one service SEO

Towne Lake SEO is committed to providing personalized attention and helping your company achieve its goals using cutting-edge technology.

We specialize in optimizing your website’s landing pages for Google’s search queries, ensuring you are the natural choice in town.

Towne Lake SEO networks with the country’s most respected digital marketers to provide the best small business SEO campaigns.

Towne Lake SEO Future Projections looking better for organic traffic

Is SEO A Great Investment?

Yes, SEO for small businesses is a great investment!

But you already expected to hear that from an SEO agency. When the numbers are crunched in the long term, SEO for small businesses provides the best overall ROI.

It’s hard to argue that organically increasing the visibility of a site won’t help the bottom line when there are more than 5.4 billion searches on Google every day.

The landing pages on your website are your digital real estate. If left unattended without further investment for upkeep, the paint will chip, weeds will grow in the front yard and lose value over time. If you let Towne Lake SEO tend to your website for you, we will keep that fresh coat of paint and a weed-free lawn, increasing the value of your site through additional website traffic, new leads, and paying patrons.

Towne Lake SEO strategies work because we give Google exactly what its searchers are looking for, and we know how to make the right ties and associations, increasing page authority.

A Fresh Approach To Digital Marketing Services.

Internet Marketing companies consistently pitch many home services companies like plumbing, roofers, or HVAC. Some of them claim to do SEO for small businesses. When asked for more information on how they plan on their plan for increased visibility, these companies will point to a checklist of busywork that has no direct impact on connecting with your companies ideal customers.

It’s part of what has given small business SEO services a bad name.

With long-term contracts that are hard to get out of, these companies can be hard to get in touch with just to find out what they are doing with your money.

Towne Lake SEO is different. We’re a small organization specializing in one area of internet marketing. Our team has the expertise and experience to maximize your online presence.

Our action lists consist of tasks that directly involve search engine properties, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and bing for business. Using your small business website as a hub tieing these properties to your business, all focusing on the same keywords and services, we can be the small business SEO company every owner dreams for.

During the first month of service, expect 4-5 video chats. We need to stay on message. These calls provide a great opportunity for our partners to ask questions or press concerns about how Towne Lake SEO provides SEO for small businesses.

It’s because of this approach that we can deliver extremely effective small business SEO services. They are built from the ground up on a solid foundation targeting your ideal customer, which will guild our keyword research, content marketing, technical SEO, and website design.

Does SEO work for small businesses?

With so many SEO services out there, it can be hard to choose which one is best for your small HVAC contractor.

Small HVAC Businesses need SEO Marketing in the 21st Century because of content overload. Smaller companies have a difficult time competing with larger ones when it comes to ranking on google. Small business SEO services work for any niche as long as customers use Google to find out more about your company’s solutions.

The phrasing the clients use to find more information about your service amenities is referred to as keywords. Our first job is to do keyword research to identify the high-quality buyer intent keywords customers use to purchase your services.

One of several small business SEO tips is to create content around what is found through keyword research.

Is SEO good For Small Businesses?

Absolutely SEO is good for small businesses. Towne Lake SEO decided to offer small businesses SEO services because who effective this type of marketing can be on the bottom line. Performing SEO for your website is an investment that pays dividends long into the future. As long as you can maintain a stronger presence than your competitors, your business will be the one showing up when your customers need you most! One of many small business SEO tips from Google is the sooner you can hire an SEO expert for your site, the better.

Can You Do SEO your Self For Your Small Business?

Every small business owner should have done some basic website SEO on their site to understand how the process works.

The best SEO can be done by professionals who have experience in this field and know what they’re doing, or you might find yourself losing out on potential clients because of website ranking issues with Google search.

How can small businesses use SEO?

Content on a page of your website is what search algorithms look at to determine the relevancy, authority, and user experience on your site. If Google sends someone to a page on your site will they find the information they need or will they go back to Google to do another search?

The cornerstone to conducting SEO for small businesses designing the website for questions, concerns, information people need when purchasing decisions.


Google My Business Optimization

One of the first steps an owner can take is to Optimize your GMB listing:

  • Add a link to your website on Google My Business (GMB). This will allow you to have ownership of the listing and control who manages it in the future if needed.
  • Ensure all information about your business is correct (hours of operation, business address, and phone number) and up-to-date!
  • Have a professional phone number on the website to give customers confidence.
  • Add new content as often as possible (blog posts, videos, images) so Bing will rank it and index it higher, and potentially show up for searches related to services provided by your business!

Google’s algorithm rewards organizations that have correct and current content.

Local Search Services

Local SEO for Small Businesses

Optimizing your GMB listing leads into local SEO. The goal is to rank your website when people search for keywords related to the services you offer. Optimize your content and ensure that it ties back in with your organization’s values and mission statement.

Ways a small business can use SEO to increase website traffic:

– By optimizing Google My Business leads, which will optimize Local SEO.

– Ensure your business is indexed with the proper search providers.

– Use SEO keywords to drive content, website traffic, and SEO Campaign in your blog posts, videos, and images to help Google rank it higher.

Organic Traffic Services

Organic Traffic Services

Organic Search results will increase over time with a good SEO strategy. SEO requires patience and is often an investment. Depending on how you want to invest in SEO, you can increase the organic rankings by following these steps:

– Be consistent and create a content calendar.

– Create a blog post that is relevant to your industry.

– Utilize multimedia like images, videos, and podcasts for cost savings on hiring writers or consultants.

– Use social media strategically with SEO keywords in your content.

Utilizing these simple content marketing tips will help small business owners with their organic search rankings.


Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

Many questions could come with looking at hiring an SEO agency. When these questions go unanswered, they will lead to uncertainty and apprehension.

Many business owners may be asking themselves, am I ever going to see a return on my investment if I hire an SEO agency?

The answer is yes.

Organizations should get back their investment several times. This assumes the SEO organization does the proper keyword research and knows the valuable phrases to rank for home services. Forbes wrote an article walking a reader through when the numbers. The article shows that going after one keyword and SEO campaign should be profitable in the second year. This is assuming the only ranking third on the search results in the first year.

An SEO campaign seldomly will ever only consist of only one keyword. Usually, there are several keywords or keyphrases targeted at any given time. Targeting highly relevant keywords compounds the rate of return of an SEO campaign.

To further illustrate how beneficial SEO really is, let us look at a search result factor the Forbes article did not cover: the Google My Business section of the search results. Right under the map, there are usually three businesses returned for any given search. This is where our services clients will receive a lot of traffic from. Ranking in one of these three positions can bring up to an additional 20% of organic traffic.

Towne Lake SEO is a full-service agency that can provide everything from content marketing to SEO for home improvement businesses in Woodstock, Georgia, and other areas across the united states.

Factors That A Small Business Needs To Think About:

  • What is your overall marketing strategy?
  • What percentage of revenue is your organization reinvesting in marketing?
  • What has been the ROI on your marketing?
  • When how soon does your small business need to see a return on its investment?
  • How profitable is your organization for each transaction?

What can SEO do for your business?

HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, and Roofers may be wondering what SEO can do for their businesses. SEO is the process of getting your organization to rank higher in Google, which means you’ll have an easier time reaching customers who are looking for a contractor through other sites like DuckDuckGo or Bing.

If you’re not ranking well on these search pages, it’s hard to get new leads and make more sales. That’s really what SEO does for your business is gives your office the chance to get in front of new customers generating new leads for the jobs you want.

Your website pages will now attract organic traffic. Towne Lake SEO’s small business SEO strategies are designed around your business goals.

For HVAC contractors, this means more jobs.

For Plumbers and Roofers, this can mean improved customer service for a better reputation in the community.

Towne Lake SEO helps our clients get to that point by implementing proven strategies like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, blogging content creation, and link building so you can rank higher in search results, all pointing back to your local business.

How do I choose an SEO company for my small business?

A home services contractor looking to increase their online presence will need a solid SEO strategy. Too many contractors think their competitors rank for search terms naturally. In some instances, this would be true, but the vast majority of a web page showing in the top three of a search query works with an SEO agency.

Knowing that your competitors are using SEO services- what should you look for?

SEO small businesses

As a small business owner, I know a lot to consider when finding the right agency. You want someone who will provide competitive rates and who understands your industry/business model. Towne Lake SEO is an expert in search engine marketing with years of experience working closely with local businesses.

Towne Lake SEO can help you develop an SEO strategy that will drive traffic, leads, and sales. With the right plan in place, even if your competitors are using SEO services too – they won’t be able to outrank you!

Towne Lake SEO – SEO Services

The services Towne Lake SEO offers are based on and built around your business goals to drive more organic traffic to your page. Towne Lake SEO offers Competitive Rates to target your keyword phrases integrating your google search console for increased search engine visibility.

The rates we offer are competitive and affordable for any organization. Towne Lakes SEO will provide a custom quote based on your company’s needs, industry, and competition.

We can have you up and running in no time!

We Learn About your Business

We learn about your business.

Before starting the keyword research for local businesses, Towne Lakes SEO will take the time to learn about your organization and industry. Towne Lake SEO offers a FREE consultation where we’ll assess what you’re currently doing, working for you, and how much traffic you want to drive from the search results page to your pages.

Our Team Gets to Work

Our SEO Team gets to work.

After getting to know your business goals and industry, our expert team will put their heads together to develop the perfect mix of keyword phrases for your operation. Towne Lake SEO’s services are focused on getting you ranked at or near page one in the SERPs so that you can generate traffic back to your site and increase visibility.

Watch you traffic Grow

Watch your traffic grow.

Once Towne Lake SEO gets to work on your pages, you will start to see traffic increase. The more we optimize pages with your keywords, the higher the results pages you’ll rank and the greater traffic you can expect from search. Watching your website’s online visibility grow is one of our favorite things about SEO services!