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Home Services Marketing

Home Services Marketing

Increase Local Visibility and Get More Customers From Your Website to Grow Your Business.

Home Services Marketing and SEO

Why should you consider home services marketing and SEO when you run a company that is the epitome of professionalism, skill, quality, and reliability. Pouring your heart and soul into providing excellent customer service, great value for money, and timely service delivery. Your home services company is full of satisfied customers who leave great online reviews.

So why is your website not showing on the Google search results pages?

Why are the only customers coming in are from word-of-mouth referrals and not from your online profiles?

Can Towne Lake SEO Help Your Home Services Company Grow Online?

In short, Yes!

Town Lake SEO can help you grow your home services company online to attract more clients. Having a successful home services digital marketing strategy is what we do.

The experts at Towne Lake SEO are here to help our home service clients understand it all so that you can take of the crucial details without worry or fuss. So what’s the deal with SEO? Read on to find out!

Why is SEO important for your home service small businesses?

SEO can be a challenging topic to understand. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as some business owners might think. The goal of SEO is to rank your website with keywords. When people search for your services on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing they are able to find you through the Maps, Featured snippets, or Organic rankings. The reason why ranking is really not complicated is simple search engines are looking for quality content to provide their customers. There are several approaches we convert on this page.

Most business owners underestimate the power of SEO and ranking organically in search results.

 4 ways SEO can help your home service business.

  1. Increase Local Search Visibility
  2. Boosts Customers’ Confidence
  3. Drive Traffic To Your Website
  4. Increase Phone Calls
  5. Earn Organic Sales

The Basics of Marketing for in the Home Services Industry

Interment marketing for the home services sector is marketing to a particular subset of services. HVAC, Plumber, and Roofing might be the more popular services, but there are also general contractors, landscapers, garage door services, and many more.

Understanding the basics of home services marketing is to attract more qualified leads through digital marketing campaigns.

The first thing home service companies need to remember is that they are not creating digital assets for them! It would help if you created the digital assets with the potential customer in mind.

Creating a customer avatar is essential for your home services company. It will help guild asset creation, messaging and allow your web presence to stand out as a professional company.


Home Services Marketing Defined:

Home services marketing is a broad term encompassing advertising, public relations, consumer research, product development, and many other activities, which helps to shape how potential customers find and get to know your business. The role helps to facilitate the distribution of your companies unique selling proposition to your target customers to generate new business.

At its core, Home services marketing is all about getting the message out about how your home services business can alleviate your customer’s pain points and service their needs.

The question is, how do you determine your customers’ needs?

At Towne Lake SEO, we’ve developed several methods to help you answer this question. Using our specialized in-house market research tools to help home services businesses quickly identify with their ideal customer avatar. Narrowing down your client will properly allow you to know and understand what they are looking for when they need your services.

Why is home services marketing an afterthought for many home services companies?

Most home service companies are started by owners who love to create and fix things with their hands. That is what makes you great at what you do.

HVAC Contractors Working with Towne Lake SEOHVAC Contractors Working with Towne Lake SEO

This leaves website design, social media marketing, content strategy, content marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization, and email marketing efforts being an afterthought. This is ok for small one or two-person operations that are not looking to scale. But word of mouth is not going to get your home services business in front of a steady stream of new customers.

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Towne Lake SEO 4 Pillars of SEO

Why Should You Invest in Home Services Marketing and SEO?

Working with a home services marketing agency specializing in helping customers find home services, companies like yours can double, or triple monthly quality leads. Not many small business owners realize that search engine optimization has the best long-term ROI from any lead generation source. There are four pillars to home services marketing and SEO.

  1. Home Services Website
  2. Optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing
  3. Social Media Accounts
  4. Niche-specific business directory listings.

These four pillars are the foundation from all other home services marketing strategies should flow from. When thinking about your home services SEO, you want to make sure that all four pillars send the same message.

We will be covering each of the four pillars more in-depth below but first, let’s talk about why you should focus on SEO for your local home services-based business.

Attract More Clients With Digital Marketing for Home Services Companies


Attracting more clients to their website is why home service businesses look to up their digital marketing game. The best way to first get in front of your target audience is to fulfill what I call the four pillars of SEO.


Towne Lake SEO 4 Pillars of SEO
Towne Lake SEO 4Four Pillars of SEO

As mentioned above, the Four Pillars of SEO are:

  1. Home Services Website
  2. Optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing
  3. Social Media Accounts
  4. Niche-specific business directory listings.

Pillar #1 Home Services website optimized for Home service companies.


There are entire books written on how to optimize websites. We will keep this extremely basic and talk about the 20% of work that will get you about 80% optimization. We will break these down into 4 sections.

One of those clients is the search engine algorithm, think Google. The website should have a logical structure to it with relevant information categorized with each other. We have found it easier to group the information for the website into 4 sections.

  1. URL Structure
  2. Title and Image Alt tag
  3. Meta description
  4. Organized quality content with an optimized H1 header tag.

How to organize a home services website URL structure?

What is URL Structure, and why is it important? The easiest way to relate URL structure is to think of the file structure on a Windows-based computer, Macs’ have the same concept, but they do not show it nearly as nicely as Windows for this illustration. Open the file Explore program, and you will see an example of URL structure. There will be a letter for each Hardrive you have, and The letters would be the same as subdomains for most websites in the home services industry. The subdomain should be “www.”

Subdomains are used for separate systems internet marketers use to host content. It’s crucial to know that Google treats subdomains as separate entities for all intent and purposes. If you host a blog, make sure that it is on the same subdomain as the main pages you want your home services website to rank for.

Towne Lake SEO Showing parts ofURL Structure
Towne Lake SEO Showing parts of URL Structure

After the subdomain is the custom domain name and the home page to your website, this is the equivalent of the desk desktop on Windows. This is where all the content that your business will publish to your prospective customers will be found. For effective digital marketing home services strategies, a home-services contractor should buy an exact match domain to your business.

Having an exact match domain is a simple but extremely powerful signal to send search engines.

Folders are simply that what folders do you have on your desktop. These should be named accurately according to subfolders contained within the parent folder. A home services marketing agency like Towne Lake SEO would help with these digital marketing strategies.

An example of a top-level folder for a Roofer might be “Roofing Services/” with this page talking briefly about each of your services. Then the subpages should cover a specific roofing service offered. Examples would be Roof Inspections, Roof replacement, Emergency Roof Repairs, Roof Repairs, or additional housing work you may do like siding or gutters.

Home Services Industry-Focused Title and Image Alt Tags.

If you are not sure what the Google Search bot is, check out our Search Engine SEO guide. We cover how Google uses bots to crawl the internet to index pages. One of the signals the bots are looking for when categorizing your target audience is the title and image alt tags. The title and images alt tags are special code added to home services businesses web pages titles and images to give additional information and relevancy.

The title tag is used to provide the page’s title and is the first thing a customer sees in the search results pages (SERPs.)

The Image Alt tag is information that is not necessarily visible to the customers but used by screen readers to tell someone what is on the page.

Home Services Title tag and Meta Description
Home Services Title tag and Meta Description

Home Services Digital Marketing Strategy tailored Meta descriptions.

When looking at your home services marketing to get more leads, you need to have a great well-written meta description. Your meta description is part of your online marketing and will show on the SERPs and social media posts when shared on social media pages.

Meta descriptions should be short, to the point, and desire for your companies services.

Quality Content and Web Design for Internet Marketing

Providing a great user experience is the best approach for a home services digital marketing agency to help grow your online presence long. User experience is gauged by your potential customers’ engagement on your website and is a core element to providing internet marketing services. Great content is the perfect way to nurture potential leads through your sales process. Graphic designers understand that your website needs images to support the messaging on the website for potential clients to understand your services further and grow your business and customer base.

Pillare#2 Optimized Google My Business (GMB) for improved ROI on your Home Services Marketing

An essential aspect of any online marketing strategy that a home services marketing agency should do is optimize your GMB. Google provides any home services business owner the opportunity to create a digital asset for FREE that is ultimately a Google asset talking about your business.

There are many upsides to having a GMB profile properly optimized. Most importantly, it is the only way to show up on a Google Maps search.

Towne Lake SEO GMB Showing on a Google Map search
Towne Lake SEO GMB Showing on a Google Map search

The GMB section has been added for most local home services industry searches showing the top home services companies. This placement is extremely valuable because it’s above the organic search results. This allows your home services industry business to show in the search engines results pages more than once.

Showing How GMB listings show on search results
Showing How GMB listings show on search results

Pillar #3 Social Media accounts with Home Service Companies Branding.

It is hard to find people who are not on some type of social media account in today’s digital world. Because your potential customers are there, your business should be too. Even if you’re not active on the social media account by your home services company, you are expanding your reach, online visibility and sending additional signals to search engines, giving relevancy to your business.

It’s best to choose at least one social media platform to become active on. Many home services business owners get caught up on what content to post. Most of the time, some of the best content is just posting about daily jobs you or your employees run across, letting the audience know what they found and how the homeowner can benefit from your experience.

Pillar #4 Niche-specific Business-Directories.

A great home services marketing strategy and show up in the search results is to use someone else’s authority and relevancy to your niche. The HVAC and Roofing industry businesses will benefit greatly from listings on sites like Yelp.com, 2findlocal.com, Nextdoor, or local.

Sites like these can push your home services’ digital marketing efforts beyond the typical reach and tap into your target audience.

Importance of keeping a unified NAP

When going through creating the 4 pillars, make sure that each property has the same Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP.) This is a huge signal to Google tieing back to relevancy and providing a great customer experience.

Unfortunately, several home services business owners will go through the trouble filling out all the profiles but a phone number or address might have changed during the process. Having this type of inconsistent information can leave Google and your potential customers confused on what information they should believe.

What did you take from this Home Services Marketing and SEO page?

We hope that by now you know a lot more about how to market your home services business online. Whether you choose to do digital marketing on your own or hire an agency like Towne Lake SEO, we encourage you to take some of the points from this page and apply them to your current home services digital marketing strategy.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out Towne Lake SEO would like to be your home services digital marketing agency!

Schedule a free session with us today for our experts will be happy to help guide you through the process of optimizing search engine visibility and generating new qualified leads.

What other tips can we provide?